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First Ebony Babe
Views: 5020 · Posted: 4 year ago

I had always wanted to take a nice looking black girl to bed. Melissa was the one I finally got there.

She was a cute petite woman who worked down stairs in the receptionist area on the first floor of the building.

I got brave one day and asked her out and before the night ended, she became... Click to Read More

New Neighbor
Views: 4119 · Posted: 5 year ago

It was the middle of the night and I was driving home. It was raining and my wipers were on full speed and I could still hardly see. I was going slowly down the country lanes, watching the road, making sure that there were no branches on the ground that I might run over and damage my car with.

The... Click to Read More

The Wife
Views: 2519 · Posted: 5 year ago

He woke up and the sun was shining through the thin curtains, making a beam of light fall right across her pillow. She was still asleep but he watched her, the sun making her face look even more beautiful than normal. Her long, dark, curly hair was spread over the pillow, framing her lovely face and the... Click to Read More

The First Time
Views: 2449 · Posted: 5 year ago

Janet was getting ready for her date. It would be different this time and she was hoping that it would be a lot more successful than her previous experiences. She had dated both black men and white men but had found that neither seemed to completely satisfy her. There were aspects of their personality that... Click to Read More

The Perfect Match
Views: 2509 · Posted: 5 year ago

Sammy had been married to a white man. Being black herself, she had thought that it would all work out fine, that they would have very pretty mixed race children and that their differences would make their life interesting. Unfortunately their cultural differences made life too interesting and they... Click to Read More

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